We first met August 9th 2009 at KTAO’s outdoor stage. Even though it was an early evening, the show was going well, under a beautiful full moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. If you can picture the scene, it was one of those especially clear and powerful nights - so piercing. Love was in the air…


That’s when I saw Serena for the very first time. I asked my friends if they had any idea who this beautiful woman was and nobody knew! The next step came as simply as my friend saying, “Why don’t you go ask her?” So I went and introduced myself. That’s when I learned that her name is Serena. Serena Louise Stone.


Seven months later, after exchanging numerous emails, day after day, she came back to New Mexico. The next level of our relationship began the “voyage”. From the original attraction, grew love and respect. The relationship slowly developed into a weave of mutual emotions of admiration for each other. I began discovering the facets of Serena as a daughter, woman, lover, mother and partner on this great life adventure.


She shines many bright lights that keep on reminding me of humility, friendship, devotion of a mother and also respect and love of the earth. She has such a fresh way of thinking - something I had just started to look for without succeeding to put a name on it.


It will be five years exactly day to day from the day we first met to the day we are making this union. I look forward to the continued journey with Serena.


                                                                                                ~ Lionel


We feel blessed with a very large family and so many wonderful friends with whom we want to share the joyous occasion of our marriage this coming August 10, 2014.  With this blessing comes a challenge: the space for the wedding ceremony has limited seating which will accommodate our large family and some, but not all of our friends who we want to be a part of our celebration.

Our solution: we want ALL of our family and friends to join us in the celebration, which will start 2 hours after the ceremony, but we have to limit the number we invite to the wedding ceremony.

We hope you understand, and we will look forward to seeing you at the celebration, even if we miss you at the ceremony.